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About Uniti Group

Uniti Group Limited (ASX: UWL) (‘Uniti’) is a diversified provider of telecommunications services. Uniti operates three distinct Business Units (‘BU’), each aligned to a pillar of strategic growth and led by a separate Chief Executive and leadership team. The BU’s operate as independent businesses and each has its own business plan including legal, financial targets.

Each BU is supported by a shared services function for commonly applied functions including governance, financial and risk management, corporate IT, communications and project management. Uniti’s Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer (and associated employees) are included within the Corporate Services team. Uniti listed on the ASX in February 2019 with a stated strategy of becoming a leading provider of niche telecommunications services, via both organic growth and inorganic growth through acquisitions of businesses.

Uniti has brought together an experienced board of directors and executive team to organically build the business and to support the identification, execution, integration and growth of the sizeable pool of acquisition opportunities across the ‘three pillars’ of strategic growth. The product offerings, markets and brands are outlined in the table overleaf. During the period ended 30 June 2020, Uniti reorganised its operating segments to align with the “three pillars” operating model and to reflect the diversification of the Group’s portfolio following the acquisitions completed during the year.


Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS)



Uniti’s Wholesale & Infrastructure (‘W&I’) business unit is engaged in the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of FTTP open access wholesale telecommunications ‘last mile’ network infrastructure operating mainly in greenfields new housing developments in broadacre residential estates and multiple dwelling units throughout Australia.

W&I carries out the following activities:

  • The construction of FTTP telecommunications networks capable of delivering super-fast broadband, voice services, pay and free to air TV services and other media, security, monitoring and ancillary services which can be carried on FTTP networks. Revenues generated from this activity are one-off and project based.
  • The wholesale sale of broadband and voice services on the FTTP networks constructed and owned by W&I businesses (or to a lesser extent constructed by W&I, owned by a third party and operated by W&I) to retail service providers (‘RSP’) who on-sell those services to end users, being residents and businesses in dwellings within the broadacre estates and multi dwelling unit complexes. This revenue is recurring in nature commencing as services are connected to the network by RSPs.
  • The construction and supply of integrated communication network (‘ICN’) and services that are carried over the FTTP networks and deliver a number of applications and outcomes useful in managing security, access, monitoring and communicating in environments often termed as smart buildings or communities as well as delivery of various media services.



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